You can invest with confidence in any of SterlingFunder's fully vetted investment opportunities. We present only high quality companies and startups for your consideration, and we give you the tools, information and education you need to make an informed decision. The investment process itself is easy to complete, and you can participate in the growth and success of the new business.

For Investors, By Investors

We are investors ourselves, so we ask all the tough questions for you before we list a company on SterlingFunder. If we don't think they make the cut, we don't list them.

Clear and Concise

We know that you need facts and you want them all in one place. That's why we present the company information you need in a format that makes it easy to find and understand.

Tips and Tools

Have a question? Check our Learning Hub! We have videos, articles, reports and other resources to make sure you get the answers you need before you invest.

Simple and Straightforward

Our portal is easy to navigate and use, from browsing companies to making the investment. You can trust our security features and communicate with company management.

As an individual investor, I'm always looking for new opportunities to grow my portfolio. Investing in startups through crowdfunding makes sense because the choice to invest in a company is mine and mine alone, but I’ve got the “crowd” to vet the opportunity with me. Before SterlingFunder, I had no access to these types of high-growth opportunities. - Marcus, New York

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Solid business returns are built on solid business ideas and SterlingFunder offers you only the most viable opportunities for investment.

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