Choosing a Crowdfunding Portal

When choosing a funding portal for equity or debt crowdfunding, there are some important things to consider, whether you are an entrepreneur looking for funding or an investor seeking good opportunities.

A good crowdfunding portal will meet the needs of both groups, and it’s helpful to have a list of criteria to base your choice upon. Here are some of the items we recommend you look for in a portal before you sign up as a company or an investor.

A crowdfunding portal should:
1. Have a clean, informative and visually appealing homepage.
2. Be easy to navigate so that it is easy to register and create a company or investor profile.
3. Provide good support and tools for entrepreneurs creating a campaign.
4. Have a robust database of qualified investors with an interest in investing.
5. Provide a clear fee structure for costs and other items involved in crowdfunding campaigns.
6. Incorporate social media into the platform.
7. Offer real people to talk to when you encounter a problem or have a question.
8. Provide access to and information about legal documents needed.
9. Adhere to all securities laws in effect and have proper certification and/or accreditation from industry regulators.
10. Provide thorough due diligence on all opportunities listed on the site.
11. Be easy to browse by category of company and other criteria.
12. Make full disclosure of risks involved in investing.
13. Maintain a secure, encrypted site for your protection.
14. Portal team with experience in key areas.
15. Provide regular communication to investors about new opportunities.