The Elevator Pitch

As an entrepreneur, it is always important to be prepared to pitch your business idea or product to just about anyone whenever possible. It is crucial to have a 2-3 minute introduction of yourself and your new startup. For crowdfunding, this is generally done with a video.

Create a Strong Pitch

In order to stand out from the rest, your pitch should tell an attractive story. For example, explaining why you chose to start the business in the first place and what experiences drove you to become an entrepreneur can be compelling for others.

An effective pitch should also include information about the problem your company addresses, the solution you are offering to help resolve the problem, how you plan to handle expenses, and details about your crowdfunding campaign. A quick introduction informs the audience about you and your startup as well as information on how investors can socially connect to help support your new business.

Keep your Pitch short and simple

Most people today have short attention spans and easily tune out information that seems unappealing in the first few seconds. Your pitch could be one of many viewed by investors and customers each day, which is why it is crucial to create one that is short, no more than 2-3 minutes, but packed with relevant and attention-grabbing content.

It is important your Pitch communicates in a clear and understandable way. It is easy to fall into using industry jargon and you need to remember that you're pitching to a crowd.

Be Engaging

Many people would not be interested in learning about a start-up or existing company that they know nothing about. As an entrepreneur, you will need to constantly pitch your business idea to investors, customers, and followers on social media, supporters from your crowdfunding campaign and even strangers. Therefore, it would be most productive to generate some initial interest before commencing your crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s how you can get creative when pitching your startup or product to investors and customers. Try introducing your startup by asking a thought-provoking question regarding the problem. Stating a fact or sharing an interesting statistic could also help generate some buzz before pitching your company. Use a catchy tagline or even a well-known proverb or saying that everyone can relate to, to draw attention to your business. These would be great ways to break the ice and generate some interest in your company even before you begin promoting your new startup.