SterlingPitch - Consulting Services

An excellent Crowdfunding Pitch is key to a successful Crowdfunding Campaign. WorkforceSoftwareSolutions recognizes that each business owner brings a specific skillset and knowledge base to his/her endeavor that can't be duplicated. By this same token, we understand that you may not have every base covered when it comes to preparing for and executing a campaign to crowdfund your business. That's why we have you covered. We offer a range of services through our own in-house expertise and through our strategic business partners, well placed within their respective industries. Through these avenues we offer you a diverse menu of additional services to help your campaign succeed.

Total Business Plan Review and Refining [$120.00 to $1,200.00]

Basic: We review your Business Plan and provide feedback and brief recommendations. [$120.00].

Intermediate: All of the services in Basic, above, plus we fill in missing components on the Business Plan and refine the overall plan of attack. This is appropriate when you need a more complete or integrated proposal. [$400.00].

Advanced: We develop and write your Business Plan from the ground-up. [$1,200.00].

Partial Business Plan Review and Refining [$40.00 TO $320.00]

We can refine and alter any specific aspect of the Business Plan you do not feel is ready for investor eyes. We drill down on this one component and doesn't include any other aspect of the Plan. Components include: financial statement review and generation, company valuation, market and competitor research, analysis and review, elevator Pitch development and more.
Basic: We review the component and provide feedback and brief recommendations. [$40.00].

Intermediate: The services in Basic, above, plus we fill in any missing information of the
component you have identified. [$120.00].

Advanced: We develop and write the component for you, from the ground-up. [$320.00].

■ Financial Review and financial statement generation
■ Company valuation
■ Market and competitor research, analysis and review
■ Elevator Pitch development
■ Any other component

Crowdfunding Campaign Development [$120.00 to $800.00]

Basic: We review your plan of attack when it comes to presenting your crowdfunding pitch to the rest of the world. Includes a review and recommendation of your stakeholder structure, video pitch, message to investors and storyline. Also looks at duration of campaign, goals etc. [$120.00].

Intermediate: All of the services listed in Basic, above, plus development of any lacking aspects of the campaign. We fill in the holes as far as planning and executing the campaign. Development of a "Momentum Build" (a.k.a. Pre-Buzz) week. [$280.00 (does not include video)].

Advanced: Building your campaign from the ground up. [$800.00]

A La Carte Campaign Preparation [$60.00 to $100.00]

Any of the below individual features can be developed for you on a case-by-case basis. Includes but not limited to:
● Video Pitch Writing [$100.00].
● Video Pitch Recording [$500.00]
● Development of meaningful message and story [$80.00]
● Development of a stakeholder plan [$60.00]
● Determination of duration, stretch goals etc. [$60.00]
● Plan for" Momentum Build" week prior to Go-Live [$60.00]
● Wrap-up Analytics [$120.00]
● Team/product photo shoot and bio [$250.00]

Social Media Campaign Management [$160.00 to $680.00]

Basic: Develop and implement a social media presence for your Crowdfunding campaign. We start all the major social media accounts and we provide you with a written plan and footprint for you to disseminate your message on social media. Includes live support during the week your campaign goes live on SterlingFunder. [$240.00].

Intermediate: Includes all of the services in Basic, above, plus we manage the social media for you for 4 weeks following the time your campaign went live on SterlingFunder. [$440.00].

Advanced: Includes all of the services in Basic and Intermediate, above, plus we manage your social media for the duration of your campaign (up to 90 days) and provide on-going analytics and report to help target your audience in addition to a wrap-up report. [$680.00].

A La Carte Social Media Offerings [$60.00 to $160.00]

● Post Launch- updates to page during campaign [$60.00 a week].
● Develop and growth of online following and message [$100.00].
● Content Build-up and social media integration. [$160.00].